Saturday, April 30, 2011

Changes are in the air and a Supernova update

Happy Saturday to you all...

I had a great breakfast this morning at the The Crema Cafe in Seal Beach, CA. Excellent food and a teriffic location just blocks from the Seal Beach Pier make this a great destination for breakfast or lunch. Check out their flickr page for photos of their food.

I am in the process of importing this blog into my History Quilter blog to allow for a more streamlined blogging/podcasting experience for me.  I am awaiting a new domain name application and will inform you all when the new blog goes live.

After I returned from breakfast this morning I worked on completing the first block of the Supernova Quilt and I am quite pleased with the results:
I plan on making three more just like what you see above and will complete the other four blocks in a red color scheme.  This is a challenging block not only because of the 18" size but also because of how each individual portion of the block needs to match up almost perfectly for the design to work.  See the X in the block?  I think I have sewn and ripped out the seam in each of those sections, twice.

Time to go make dinner,


  1. Your supernova block looks great! I was going to "Follow" your history quilter blog, but it looks like your gadget is having some trouble. I'll check again later :)

  2. Hi Susan. I'll jump over to your new blog in a second, but saw this post first. Are you starting your supernova quilt just now? I found the quilt along a little late and folks were nearly finished, so I thought I'd skip it and join another. Now that I see yours, I'll have to reconsider! Thanks :)